UPDATE: XVII World Congress of WFD – 29th July

XVII World Congress of WFD, 29th July

The day opened with two plenary presentations. The first, from Ms Hend AL-SHOWAIER of Saudi Arabia, set the scene for the congress on the big picture of Human Rights. She highlighted the need for respect for the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) to enable deaf people across the world to achieve their human rights and especially in the recognition of national sign languages. This was then followed by the interesting presentation of Dr Soya MORI of Japan who outlined … [Read more...]

Opening Ceremony of the WFD Congress

Opening Ceremony

WFD President, Colin ALLEN and Turkish Deaf Association President Ercument TANRIVERDI opened the WFD Congress of 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey. The audience were treated to a visual display of unique performances celebrating the culture of Turkey, alongside formal welcomes from a range of dignitaries. The keynote presentation of Dr Liisa KAUPPINEN (Finland), who is the former WFD General Secretary, Vice-President and President and now one of the Honorary Presidents, was well received by the … [Read more...]

XIX WFD General Assembly Day Two

Day Two

Today being the second day of the XIX WFD General Assembly is often seen by many to be the most exciting day. This is due mostly in part to the elections that took place in voting in the next iteration of WFD Board, including the executive Board positions such as the President. In accordance with the WFD Statutes, each Ordinary Member, a National Association of the Deaf whose membership fees were paid and thus able to vote, were issued voting cards of green, red and white. One vote … [Read more...]