Closing Ceremony – XVII World Congress of the WFD

Closing Ceremony

The final day of the congress closes on a high with Special Interest Groups. With many delegates expressing the wish to attend 2 or 3 simultaneously, it is simply not possible. A literal smorgasbord of subjects addressed included: Deaf Children & Women, Interpreting, Youth, Deaf-Blind, Senior Citizens, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender and CODAs. The resolution of the XVII World Congress, declared during the spectacular Closing Ceremony. The World Federation of the Deaf (WFD), … [Read more...]

UPDATE: XVII World Congress of WFD – 31st July

Day 4

As we near the end of a week long program, our final Plenary presenters covered the two commissions of Developing Countries and Health. With most deaf people around the world living in low-to-middle-income countries, the interesting Ms Njelekela Ashura MICHAEL of Kenya explored the barriers faced, especially in the justice system, and encouraged deaf communities to liaise with international non-profit organizations such as WFD, WHO and many others. She also pointed out that quality of … [Read more...]

Dr Liisa Kauppinen Fund

Dr Liisa Kauppinen Fund

Istanbul, 30 July 2015 The World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) has recently announced the launch of the Dr Liisa Kauppinen Fund in honour of its Honorary President, Dr Liisa Kauppinen, for her relentless work in advancing the human rights of deaf people. The proceeds from the fund will go towards conducting sustainable human rights activities undertaken by the WFD such as: • Data collection on the human rights situation of the Deaf Community • Production of accessible human rights … [Read more...]