WFD News – February 21

The Legal Recognition of National Sign Languages

The World Federation of the Deaf is pleased to present this infographic with information on United Nations Member States that have achieved national-level legal recognition of their national sign languages. This compilation comprises legislation from the countries listed that recognise deaf people’s right to use their national sign languages in different areas of life. The aim of this infographic is to share and monitor the advances in the world regarding this objective.

WFD 70th Anniversary Webinar Series!


To celebrate our 70th anniversary, we are partnering with WASLI to present an overview of good collaborative practices between NADs and NASLIs. Join us at our next webinar on Monday 22 February. With:

- Ms Laura Lesmana Wijaya, Indonesia
- Mr Samuel Munana, Rwanda
- Dr Ronice Muller de Quadros, Brazil
- Dr Marianne Stumpf, Brazil
- Dr Joseph J Murray, WFD President
- Dr Christopher Stone, WASLI President

Inclusive Education Video Online

On January 28th, we organized a webinar on Inclusive Education. The aim of this webinar was to demystify the different concepts in Inclusive Education and what it takes to National Associations of the Deaf and relevant stakeholders to transition to quality and inclusive education for all deaf learners in the national sign languages and national written languages.