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Become a Member

Our members are an essential part of the work we do. Join us in making a lasting impact on the lives of deaf people throughout the world.

Here are the ways you can become a member of the WFD:

Any recognised or registered national organisation of the deaf, with legal status, that has an established position in its country, its majority of members are deaf persons, and its vision and aims similar to those of the WFD, may apply for Ordinary Member status. Ordinary Membership are limited to one national organisation of the deaf in each country. The WFD Board has the authority to approve exceptions for extraordinary circumstances.

  • Voting rights at the General Assembly, which is the primary decision making body of WFD.
  • Get direct support for your local advocacy (letter of supports for example)
  • Receive current information about deaf issues and events all over the world
  • Discounts on WFD events and merchandise

Apply to become an Ordinary Member