Article 8 | Activities

8.1. WFD pursues its objectives by guiding and supporting the activities of its members, supporting the establishment of new organisations when necessary:

a) taking initiatives and making proposals in order to improve the status of deaf people and making statements on issues concerning deaf people;

b) promoting the status of Sign Language on the basis of the constitutions in the respective countries of its members;

c) promoting cultural activities of deaf people and accessibility to cultural services in general;

d) providing information and resources;

e) increasing equal opportunities for full participation for deaf people in society;

f) promoting the establishment and expansion of Sign Language interpreting services in all countries;

g) taking initiatives so that deaf people have the necessary equipment to control their lives by making use of modern technology;

h) supporting the human rights of deaf people;

i) participating on the international level in cooperation with other organisations of the deaf, hard of hearing and other disabled people and authorities;

j) dissemination of scientific and legal materials on the current needs of deaf people in publications and other media;

k) distribution of and making UN documents available to all organisations and experts interested in deafness;

l) administering development cooperation activities; and

m) taking other actions serving the objectives of the WFD and the improvement of the status of deaf people worldwide.