WFD Representative Office in Pyongyang, North Korea – 6th GOOD FELLOWSHIP

Dear friends,

WFD Representative Office in Pyongyang is pleased to announce information about the 6th GOOD FELLOWSHIP. GOOD FELLOWSHIP is the only international deaf event in Pyongyang, North Korea, organised by TOGETHER-Hamhung in cooperation with the WFD and the Korean Federation for the Protection of the Disabled Korean Federation for Protection of the Disabled (KFPD) since 2009.

The 6th GOOD FELLOWSHIP trip will take place from 8 – 12 August, 2014. Further information is available via the GOOD FELLOWSHIP:
For further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the team of GOOD FELLOWSHIP:


Some deaf participants have already applied for participation. We would be very pleased to welcome deaf people from many different countries to visit Pyongyang with the aim of our deaf friends in Pyongyang to gain knowledge and create new friendships with international deaf visitors.

The application deadline for participants is 5 July, 2014.

On behalf of the WFD Representative Office in Pyongyang and deaf friends from Pyongyang, I warmly welcome you to Pyongyang and looking forward to seeing you in Pyongyang, North Korea.

Yours sincerely






Robert R. Grund
WFD Liaison Officer in Pyongyang

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