live streaming: Deaf People in Political Life

The Participation of Deaf People in Political and Public life: Implementation of CRPD Article 29

An international conference arranged by the Ål Experiential College and the Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, Department of International studies and Interpreting.


Monday, 27 May

  • 09.00-10.00
    • Registration.
  • 10.00-10.15
    • Welcome
      Dr. Joseph Murray
  • 10.15-10.45
    • Opening Remarks
      Norwegian government representative
      Hanne Berge Kvitvær, President, Norwegian Association of the Deaf
      Colin Allen, President, World Federation of the Deaf
  • 10.45-11.45
    • Helga Stevens, Parliament Member, Flemish Parliament and Senator, Belgium Senate.
  • 11.45-12.00
    • Questions and discussion.
  • 12.00-13.00
    • Lunch for registered participants. Served outside auditorium.
  • 13.00-14:00
    • Keynote 2. Martin Zierold, Council Member, Berlin City Council.
  • 14.00-14.15
    • Discussion and questions.
  • 14.15-15.00
    • Paper presentation: Ole-Petter Askheim “Politisk medborgerskap for alle? Lokalpolitisk deltakelse blant funksjonshemmede?” Political Citizenship for All? The Participation of Peoples with Disabilities in Local Political Processes.
  • 15.00-15.30
    • Afternoon coffee
  • 15.30-16.15
    • Paper presentation. Siri Antonsen. “NRK Tegnspråk: Status for norsk tegnspråk i NRK. Og tolking av nyhetssendinger, debatter og valgsendinger i 2013” NRK Tegnspråk: The Status of Norwegian Sign Language on NRK Television: Sign Language Interpreting of News Programs, Debates, and Election Broadcasts in 2013.
  • 16.15-17.00
    • Paper presentation. Paal Richard Pederson, Cand.mag. Political Science. “Døves politiske deltakelse gjennom ulike kanaler” Different avenues towards the participation of deaf people in politics and public life.
  • 17.00-17.30
    • Cultural Event. TBA

Tuesday 28 May

NOTE! Today’s schedule will be subject to change depending on the Parliamentary program that day. We may move the politician panel at 14.15-15.30 to another time, with presenters shifted accordingly.

  • 08.30-09.00
    • Registration desk open. Morning coffee.
  • 09.00-10.00
    • Keynote 3. Helene Jarmer, Member of Parliament, Austria.
  • 10.00-11.00
    • Keynote 4. “Access to the 2013 Electoral Process in Kenya.” Nickson Kakiri National Chairman, Kenya National Association of the Deaf.
  • 11.00-11.15
    • Questions and discussion.
  • 11.15-11.30
    • Morning coffee
  • 11.30-12:15
    • Paper presentation. “From Talking Culture to Culture Talking: Sign Language in the Public Sphere” Dr. Joseph Murray and Summer Crider.
  • 12.15-13.15
    • Lunch for conference participants. Served in conference hall.
  • 13.15-14.00
    • Panel: Deaf people in political life.
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  • 14.00-14.15
    • WFD President Colin Allen. Presentation of IDA Publication on Article 29.
      14.15-15.15 Panel, Norwegian Politicians.
      Confirmed participation:
      Tore Skrei Grande (V)
      Audun Lysbakken (SV)
      Tove Linnea Brandvik (AP)
  • 15.15-15.30
    • Audience discussion and questions.
  • 15.30-16.00
    • Afternoon coffee break.
  • 16.00-16.30
    • Conference summary and closing remarks.

Program subject to change as circumstances warrant.

Conference languages: All presentations will be accessible in Norwegian Sign Language, International Sign, and spoken English.

Conference location:


Pilestredet 46