Election of the WFD Board 2019 – 2023

The WFD Secretariat sent the information package to WFD Ordinary Members regarding the WFD Board Election, which will take place next year in July at the XX WFD General Assembly in Paris, France.

The majority of the WFD Board members will step down included WFD President Allen AM who has serves as WFD President and WFD board member for last 16 years since 2003. Mr Allen AM is pleased to see the successful outcome of his term as WFD President and is ready to give other people to step into that role.

Anyone who might be interested to be nominated for the position of WFD President, Vice-President or Board member is encouraged to their country member of the WFD to express your interest because it is Ordinary Member who can make nomination. The WFD Board encourages nominations to be made from different parts of the world to maintain the geographical balance and also consider nominating female candidates because currently women are underrepresented in the WFD Board. Most importantly, the WFD Board nomination form with CV as required documentation must reach the WFD Secretariat by 20 January 2019. Only Ordinary Members who have paid membership fees in full including the fee for 2019 are able to make nomination. Board nominations will be reviewed by the WFD Nomination and Election Panel.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Eeva Tupi, WFD Executive Director via email, eeva.tupi@wfd.fi