Article 19 | Meetings of the General Assembly (GA)

19.1. The meeting of the General Assembly shall consist of delegates representing OMs. Each national organisation of the deaf whose membership fees are fully paid and current are allowed up to two (2) deaf delegates, preferably one male and one female, at meetings of the General Assembly.

19.2. The General Assembly shall be held every four years. The President and the Secretariat shall call the General Assembly at least twelve (12) months in advance. Their call shall be accompanied by a proposed Agenda.

19.3. A General Assembly has the decision-making power when it has been called according to the Statutes.

19.4. Proposals for inclusion in the Agenda shall be received at least six (6) months in advance. The final agenda with attached reports and other materials shall be sent to all Ordinary Members at least two (2) months in advance.