Changes in the email addresses of the WFD Secretariat members

WFD will start using a new email system and as a consequence the email addresses of the three WFD Secretariat members (Ms Meri Hyrske-Fischer, Ms Phillipa Sandholm and Ms Eeva Tupi) will be changed into

The change will come into effect on Monday, 10 March 2014 so we kindly ask you to use the new email addresses in all correspondence starting on Monday, 10 March.
However, emails that are sent to the old address ( will be automatically directed to the new address for some time. During the transition phase both the emails function.

Please also note that the two non-personal email addresses of the WFD will for now remain as they are:

  1. Info(at) (For general information and enquiries as well as WFD merchandise)
  2. Memberships(at) (For people wanting to join as a member)
  3. wfd(at) (For partners, such as UN agencies, IDA, and international organisations)

The change from the old system to the new one will be processed during the weekend. Therefore, the WFD Secretariat members are not able to use their emails between Friday, 7 March at 12:00PM and Monday, 10 March at 06:00AM. Some temporary disruptions might also occur after the change. The WFD Secretariat is sorry for any inconvenience.