Registration now open for a Side-Event entitled “Current Realities of Deaf Learners in Developing Countries” (29 July, Istanbul, Turkey)

Even at the beginning of the 21st century, when access to technology is developing at a fast pace the situation of deaf learners in developing countries is still far from satisfactory. Deaf children living in low-to-middle-income countries (LMIC) face tremendous challenges in education and career development, with extremely limited employment opportunities. Discrimination, abuse and stigmatization by teachers, caused by ignorance and/or lack of professional motivation are still experienced in some educational settings.

From detection (often late), access to quality communication, speech (for hard of hearing) and language as well as educational development is hampered through lack of:

  • awareness of the importance of early identification, early intervention and access to quality facilities for early childhood development,
  • human and technical resources in primary schools for the deaf,
  • knowledge and experience in methodology to effectively teach deaf learners in specialist and mainstream schools,
  • access to professional sign language interpreter and communication services particularly limiting academic access in tertiary education.

In other words, there is a large gap between – on the one hand – the entitlement to accessible education based on the CRPD and – on the other hand – the academic accessibility to education for deaf learners. The current realities of deaf learners and the challenges they face need to be made explicit, as well as highlighting positive examples to be learned from.
CBM, Kentalis International and Abilis are invited by WFD to host this side event. We are all involved in one way or another in advancing educational opportunities of deaf learners in LMIC. We would like to share experiences, and in exchange with participants highlight some challenges as well as identify opportunities and/or good practice. This event will enable participants to network as well share ideas with others interested in working with deaf learners in LMIC.


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