IDA Inclusive Education Launch

The World Federation of the Deaf is thrilled to share the International Disability Alliance’s Global Report on Inclusive Education. 

Read the full report here (Word)

Read the full report here (PDF)

The WFD was a part of team of IDA members which developed this report.  In this report, the International Disability Alliance, of which the WFD is a founding member, emphasises inclusive education is for all learners, for those with and without disabilities.  The report clearly states inclusive bilingual/multilingual sign language schools for deaf children and others who want to learn sign languages are part of the inclusive education system.  Deaf learners have the right to quality bilingual/multilingual education in schools where all learners are fluent in their national sign languages.  

The WFD has long advocated for quality education in national sign languages for deaf learners.

For more information please see our Position Papers: