PRESS RELEASE: Creation of a joint WFD-WASLI International Sign Accreditation Advisory Body

The World Federation of the Deaf and the World Association of Sign Language Interpreters are pleased to announce the creation of a joint WFD-WASLI International Sign Accreditation Advisory Body (“WFD/WASLI – ISAAB”). Four WFD-WASLI International Sign (IS) Accredited Interpreters have been appointed to oversee the processes affiliated with the IS Accreditation. The appointees are: Dr. Christopher Stone, Ms. Carol-lee Aquiline, Ms. Liz Scott Gibson, and Mr. Clark Denmark. The ISAAB members will serve a four year-term (2019-2022).

The role of the ISAAB:

The WFD/WASLI – ISAAB oversee and advise the WFD and WASLI Boards and the WFD Secretariat on the subject the issues related to the Accredited IS Interpreters with the aim of expanding the number of Accredited IS Interpreters.

Accordingly, the WFD/WASLI – ISAAB shall:
• Serve as an expert advisory body for the WFD and WASLI Boards and/or the WFD Secretariat staff member who takes on the responsibilities inherent to this position (currently the WFD/WASLI Accreditation System is under the responsibility of the WFD Secretariat).
• Provide support to the WFD Secretariat in administration of the WFD/WASLI Accredited IS Interpreters.
• Analyse policies and procedures and make recommendations to the WFD and WASLI Boards for approval, including but not limited to the general requests related to Accredited IS System.

Additionally, the WFD/WASLI – ISAAB is tasked with:
• reviewing the current WFD/WASLI IS Interpreter Accreditation materials and processes and to recommend improvements to streamline and articulate the process.
• developing the policies for pre-requirements, testing administration, rating and releasing of results.
• advising on matters that arises in the course of administering the process.
• recommending future accreditation processes (e.g. feed interpreters).

WFD and WASLI thank these appointees for their volunteer service to our organisations in order to continue to advance standards for IS interpreters working high level events in countries around the world.

Click here for the PDF format of the Press Release.