Renew your membership for a stronger WFD!

The WFD would like to thank all of you for your generous contribution in the past. Your membership has enabled us to accomplish important milestones. As we welcome the New Year, I urge you to once again support the WFD by renewing your Membership.

The WFD relies heavily on active and prompt contribution of its members. In 2015 alone, the income gained through membership fees was more than 30% of the total income of the WFD. Funds collected from membership fees are used towards achieving the 10 goals of WFD Action Plan 2016-2019. To accomplish them, we need enough resources at the WFD Secretariat.

As a Member of the WFD, you are entitled to receive discounts on events organised by the WFD, such as the upcoming 3rd International Conference of the WFD held in Budapest, Hungary from 8-10 November 2017. More importantly, by renewing your membership, you are contributing to a stronger WFD.

You can renew your membership by paying the fee in the invoice that has already been sent to your email before 31 March 2016.

We look forward to receiving your positive support.