Support to rights of deaf people from Ukraine

Support to rights of deaf people from Ukraine

War brutalizes people, stripping them of their human rights. Deaf people may quickly lose their hard-won rights, such as the right to access information or to security as well as their very lives. The WFD works to protect deaf people during disasters and armed conflicts with deaf associations around the world.

As the first shots were fired, the WFD reached out to our Ordinary Member, the Ukranian Society of the Deaf. The WFD has offered our assistance with intervention at the international level and any other forms of support they may need. The WFD calls on global leaders to ensure access to information and protection for deaf people in Ukraine, and to support deaf refuges from Ukraine who are fleeing the conflict.

We are also consulting with our Expert networks on ways to move forward with support for deaf Ukrainians, and for other deaf people in situations of armed conflict, today and going forward. This includes defining the right to access information, to security, as well as their very lives.

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Donate now

The WFD is organizing a donation campaign to support deaf people in Ukraine through the work of our member The Ukrainian Society of the Deaf. We can also redistribute these donations to our members in neighboring countries who are receiving deaf Ukrainians refugees if necessary.