WFD News – November 21

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Dr Joseph Murray, the WFD President, is is one of 6 finalists for Norwegian Volunteer of the Year for his 26 years with the WFD. If he wins, the prize money does goes directly to the WFD.

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WFD Activities

Due of Covid19, the WFD had to do all our meetings virtually for 2 years. It is the 2nd WFD Board meeting in person. This time we are in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.Thank you to the UAE Deaf association for inviting us.
The WFD Board supported the 2nd meeting of the Regional Secretariat Arab Region.WFD Ordinary Members from 9 Arab Region countries met in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.
As we celebrate 70 years as a federation, the U.A.E. is celebrating 50 years as a country.We were invited by the UAE Deaf Association for a one-day workshop on human rights and advocacy.

70th Anniversary Webinar Series

Since January 2021, we have organised webinars to celebrate 70 years of WFD. Here is the list of each webinar: