Day 3 – UN Conference of State Parties

Jenny Nilsson, WFDYS President, reports from the third day of the UN Conference of State Parties (COSP) in New York. She comments that a lot of different things were achieved today. This morning, Jenny sat in on a round table event on Children with Disabilities. You can see Jenny’s presentation on the WFD website and Facebook group. It was agreed that children and young people would be included in next year’s high-level meeting of the General Assembly on disability and development.

In the afternoon, Dr Adam Kosa chaired the informal session on Women with Disabilities. It was encouraging to see the use of sign language at United Nations sessions.

Later in the afternoon WFD President, Colin Allen, and WFDYS President, Jenny Nilsson, were invited to one of the side-events, entitled Early Childhood Development and Disability. This event was organised by UNICEF and WHO. You can see the video clip on the WFD website and Facebook group. Jenny addressed COSP’s commitment to involving young people in decision-making and emphasized that deaf children have the right to be educated in their native language, sign language.