Update News from WFD and WASLI Presidents in Asia Region

WFD and WASLI Presidents, Colin Allen and Debra Russell, gave a video summary of the cooperation work between the two international organisations.   Both were attending the 26th WFD Regional Secretariat Representatives (WFDRSA) Meeting which also included the WASLI Asia Region Meeting and WFD RSA Youth Section Meeting.

In 2011, Dr. Russell and Mr. Allen were elected for their respective roles  as President for WASLI and WFD and during the past three years they have met eight times in providing their work to support both communities of deaf people and sign language interpreters. Both gave keynote presentations at the opening ceremony of the WFDRSA Conference which focused on the Human Rights for Deaf people and Sign Language Interpreters particularly United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

WFDRSA is a regional part of the World Federation of the Deaf, with 10 country representatives who are members of the WFD. The three day conference was also attended by a number of observers who also at the WFDRSA Meeting(s) along with participants  from 20 countries. The theme of the conference wass “Deaf-hearing together – we can achieve more” and it was hosted by the Macau Deaf Association. WASLI, WFDRSA and WFDRSA Youth Section held their representatives meeting to exchange their information of their work in each country in the Asian Region.

Mr Allen and Dr Russell saw the inspiring conference as one which provided strength and fostered cooperative work between deaf people, sign language interpreters and deaf youth in the Asian Region.  The Macau Deaf Association celebrated their 20th year anniversary and they have done a tremendously job of organising the conference for the representatives of WFDRSA, WASLI and WFDRSA Youth Section.  Congratulations to Macau Deaf Association!

Soon there will be large international events for both deaf people and sign language interpreters which WASLI and WFD welcome all of you to join us at the WASLI Conference and XVII World Congress of the World Federation of the Deaf in Istanbul, Turkey, in July, 2015.

Come and join us at these events in Turkey – July 2015!

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