CBM celebrates International Week of the Deaf

CBM celebrates International Week of the Deaf – the last full week of September – which is an opportunity to promote the human rights of deaf people through events, marches, campaigns and meetings.

Sign Bilingualism is a human right

In 2012, International Week of the Deaf is celebrated from 24 to 30 September. During this week, association of the deaf throughout the world organise events, marches, campaigns and meetings to highlight topics that they wish to be addressed by local or national authorities. The aim is to direct the attention of decision makers, general public and media to the issues and concerns deaf persons face.

This year, the global theme is ‘Sign Bilingualism is a human right’. The short video above, from CBM partner organisation Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children, highlights the importance of teaching sign language to everybody. This approach facilitates communication between deaf and hearing communities, thus promoting inclusion.

Read more below, including some personal opinions on what this means in reality.