Article 11 | Ordinary Members (OMs)

11.1. Any recognised or registered national organisation of the deaf, with legal status, and that has an established position in its country, its majority of members are deaf persons, and its goals similar to those of the WFD, may receive a formally approved Ordinary Membership status.

11.2. The Board has the responsibility to approve or reject Ordinary Membership status for national organisations of the deaf.

11.3. Ordinary Membership shall be limited to, at least, one national organisation of the deaf in each country.

11.4. If two or more national federations of the deaf claims to represent the deaf people in a country, the Board shall use the “WFD role in Ordinary Member conflicts” to establish an appropriate procedure to determine which of the national federations has the widest recognition among the deaf population in that country.

11.5. If WFD does not receive contact from an Ordinary Member for a period of three years, the Board can investigate the situation and make a recommendation to the General Assembly regarding this organisation’s membership.

11.6. Any Ordinary Member failing to pay regular membership fees for three or more years may be expelled from the WFD.

11.7. Ordinary Members desiring to withdraw from the WFD may resign the organisation by informing the organisation’s board or its President in writing. The Ordinary Members may also resign by giving a notice thereof at the association’s meeting for entry in the minutes.

11.8. The Ordinary Members are responsible for their payment of membership fees to the WFD Secretariat every year.

11.9. The Ordinary Members are obligated to inform the WFD Secretariat about changes or amendments in their statutes as well as in their boards.

11.10. Upon full payment of their annual membership fees, the Ordinary Members shall be entitled to full participatory and voting rights at all meetings of WFD.

11.11. Any Ordinary Member who has not paid its due membership fee for a period of one year before the opening of the WFD General Assembly or WFD extraordinary assembly may not use its voting right.