WFD President’s message to members


Dear WFD Ordinary Members,

I have two big and important announcements to make today.

First I would wish to share with you the great news that the Finnish Parliament has granted WFD financial support for the year 2012This is the third year in a row that Finland has granted WFD with 50 000€.
WFD would like to thank all those Members of Parliament who supported this motion granting support to WFD. WFD will work hard to try to find ways to make this support regular.

Secondly, as you know WFD has been working very closely with the Finnish Association of the Deaf for many years.

Not only has WFD General Secretariat have been located in the same building with the FAD, but FAD has also supported WFD’s activities extensively both financially and in morale.

FAD has been and still is one of the most important sources for WFD’s funding providing WFD with over 45 000 € support yearly.

In addition to this, FAD has supported WFD by giving administrative and logistical support for the WFD staff and also enabled WFD’s participation to many international events by supporting WFD’s former presidents Mr Markku Jokinen and Dr Liisa Kauppinen.

FAD’s continuous support to WFD has been fundamental and indispensable in allowing WFD to continue its important work for the deaf human rights and WFD Board and I would like to thank FAD.

As the WFD General Secretariat has been working under the auspices of the FAD in Helsinki, the employment contracts of the WFD three staff members have been with the FAD.

However, since the beginning of January 2012 WFD has become an independent employer of the WFD General Secretariat Staff. Although WFD’s location remains in Finland, this means that administrative responsibilities and employer duties are now handed to the Secretariat.

Finally, I would also like to remind WFD OMs that the UN CRPD Committee will hold elections during the 4th Conference of States Parties (COP) in September 2012.

Nine of the 18 seats in the Committee will be opened for election.

Later WFD will provide OMs with more information about this important issue for Deaf candidate to be nominated for UN CRPD Committee.