WFD News – December 21

2021, an exceptional year


This year has been marked by COVID-19 and the 70th anniversary of WFD. We were active on both counts. We also continued our work to defend the rights of deaf people around the world through different actions and projects.

Our work prioritizes the collaboration between the WFD and national associations of deaf people who make up our membership. This year we have expanded to 131 Ordinary Members.

We have continued to do our work through zoom, with consultations through collaborative dialogue. We have also participated in Regional Secretariat meetings in zoom and in-person throughout the year.

In 2021, there was a change in the composition of the WFD office. In addition to our new Executive Director, we now have a total of 10 staff members, including project-funded staff.

The WFD also has expanded the scope of our work with 5 new partnerships with other organizations. Partnerships support our capacity for growth and allow us to further advocate for international disability awareness and rights as well as to circulate and distribute information among other important tasks.

The core of our work remains our connections with deaf organizations worldwide. This collaboration remains strong and consistent. We continue to fight barriers and engage in dialogues with global deaf communities.

The WFD's 2020-2030 Vision and Strategic Vision has 4 focus areas. We have worked on each area in 2021:

  • Recognition of Sign Languages
  • Leadership by Deaf Organizations
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Full Inclusion

For 2022, we will continue to support national deaf associations to achieve the recognition of sign language(s) and the rights of deaf people.We look forward to seeing our Ordinary Members at the 4th International Conference of the World Federation of the Deaf in Bangkok, Thailand in April 2022!

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70th Anniversary Webinar Series


The World Federation of the Deaf, as the leading global organisation representing more than 70 million deaf people, is taking this issue at heart and decided to have a focus on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in its upcoming XIX WFD World Congress. Furthermore, the WFD just established a new Expert Group on DRR with the objectives of being more active and present at the forefront of the global humanitarian stage to best highlight the situation faced by deaf people to leave no one behind.As part of its 70 Anniversary celebration, the WFD is organising a webinar gathering a panel composed of experts on DRR. Its aim is to discuss, raise awareness and bring some reflections on how deaf communities can advocate for measures to ensure continuity of rights during humanitarian emergencies.

The book
"I Sign, therefore I am"


The WFD is pleased to announce the book "I Sign, therefore I am" by Juhana Salonen. This book is the story of a young deaf man who struggles with his identity and his journey to becoming a sign language user who is proud of his culture.This book is available in English in print and E-book format. 25% of the profits from each book sold will be donated to the WFD to assist in the implementation of our activities.