WFD Support for Brazil and LIS

WFD Support for BRAZIL

I had sent a message to the Brazilian Deaf community through video clip:

  • to support not to close the over 150-year Deaf school
  • also not to close the sign language interpreting programs in the university a month ago.
  • Brazil ratified CRPD and OP 1.8.2008

WFD Support for LIS

  • not gesture system, but real language
  • the definition of Italian sign language as mime and gestures rather than a language in its own right in a bill currently before the Italian Parliament.
  • still a need for SLS, CIs are not enough
  • ENS will continue the process
  • The movement LIS Now, during the days of protest, managed to block the latest version of the bill (C.4207)
  • The text approved in the Senate had been changed in a number of points in the House
  • That means that text can now go back to the original version that was approved in the Senate. We hope that this version becomes law
  • Italy ratified CRPD and OP 2009, 15.5.2009
  • We thank the members of the group LIS NOW and all the people who came to these events and take this opportunity to thank all those who, from Finland to India, from Canada to the U.S., have expressed solidarity and support.