WFD Preparations Day

The WFD Board meeting, which started on the 22nd July came to its conclusion late yesterday evening. The WFD Expert Group on the Developing Countries drafted ‘Best Practice and Ethics for Developing Cooperation Projects’, which was well received by the WFD Board Members. We are very pleased with its proposals and will review the draft, before its final approval, at the next WFD Board Meeting.

We have reviewed preparations for the 3rd WFD Conference in Budapest, Hungary (2017). Dr Ádám Kósa was able to give us an updated report, allowing WFD Board Members the opportunity to discuss it further.

We also took the opportunity to prepare for the XIX WFD General Assembly.

The WFD team is now focusing its energies on conducting the XIX WFD General Assembly. Officially opening on the 26th July with an agenda to fill two full days.

Whilst preparations are underway for the General Assembly, there is still plenty to do to keep delegates busy. The WFD Workshop will be another opportunity to meet with other representatives from the National Associations of the Deaf from across the world. The Workshop will be held on the 25th of July and will be an ideal occasion to network with other delegates as well as learn e.g. more on how deaf associations can get involved in the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) parallel reporting process. The Workshop will this time be also open to other than the official delegates of the General Assembly so you are all welcome to join this event.