World Federation of the Deaf Register Description for Donors

World Federation of the Deaf Register Description for Donors

in accordance with Section 10 of the Personal Data Act (523/1999)

  • Controller

World Federation of the Deaf ry (2276868-6)
PO Box 65
00401 Helsinki

(hereafter “WFD”)

  • Representative of the Controller / Contact person

Phillipa Sandholm, Administrative Secretary

PO Box 65
00401 Helsinki 


  • Name of the register

WFD Donor Register

  • Purpose of the processing of personal data

The purpose of the processing of personal data is to maintain relational information, develop our services, to manage stakeholder relationships and to meet Finnish law on handling donations.

  • Information contained in the register

The following data is entered into the register, as applicable:



Email address

Telephone number

Donation information (donation date, amount and donation category)

  • Where do we collect data from?

The sources of personal data collection are:

  • Online forms found on the WFD website
  • Online payment systems such as Paypal and Stripe
  • Submitted donation forms
  • Email communication

Note that these personal data are voluntarily provided by the individuals in order to complete a transaction or application. 

  • To whom do we disclose and transfer the personal data? Do we transfer personal data outside the EU or ETA?

The WFD does not provide information from its registers to third parties unless required by the Finnish law such as to accountants, auditors, tax authorities or other authorities. Information is not transferred outside the EU or the EEA.

  • How do we protect personal data and for how long do we store them?

The WFD Donor Register is password protected and is stored remotely at the WFD Secretariat and on a secured marketing automation platform that can only be accessed by the Controller.

When a person makes a donation online via PayPal or Stripe, they use a secure and encrypted connection that meets the industry-standard of any large financial institution. The WFD only receives information of the electronic transaction, not the bank information of the donor. 

Personal data is stored from the time the person voluntarily provides until termination of relational connection with the WFD. For accounting and auditing purposes we follow the Finnish law.

  • Inspection right and correction data / which are your rights as data subject?

A person who has voluntarily provided their personal data to the WFD and subsequently entered into the register of the WFD has the right to deny the provision of their information for direct advertising or another similar purpose, the right to alter the consent of their publication, and the right to resort to other rights defined in the Personal Data Act. 

  • Whom can you contact?

If a person does not wish to receive mail from us, they can refuse it by contacting the representative of the controller or unsubscribe from the WFD. 

Information can be corrected or complemented by the controller or at the request of the registered person and by the controller when the relationship is terminated.

An individual has the right to inspect their information in the WFD Donor Register and request that erroneous information is corrected. The inspection request must be made by contacting the representative of the controller. The inspection is free of charge, once a year.