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WFD’s membership consists of the following categories:

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Any recognised or registered national organisation of the deaf, with legal status, that has an established position in its country, its majority of members are deaf persons, and its vision and aims similar to those of the WFD, may apply for Ordinary Member status. Ordinary Membership is limited to one national organisation of the deaf in each country. The WFD Board has the authority to approve exceptions for extraordinary circumstances.

Any national or regional organisation that does not meet the criteria to become an Ordinary Member, or cannot become an Ordinary Member because one already exists in their country, may apply for Associate Member status. Otherwise, same criteria applies to Associate Members than to Ordinary Members.

International organisations, having legal capacity and applying for International Member status, must provide evidence of their international focus, objectives, and activities, and explain how these are in line with the vision and aims of the WFD.

Individuals who wish to support the WFD, its vision and aims.

Honorary Members status may be conferred upon persons who have served distinction and dedication of WFD Board, its committees, expert networks, or having contributed to the benefit of the WFD. The WFD Board shall propose Honorary Member candidates for approval by the WFD General Assembly.


  • Late Dr Yerker Andersson, USA
  • Dr Liisa Kauppinen, Finland
  • Dr Markku Jokinen, Finland
  • Mr Tomas Hedberg, Sweden
  • Mr Kobus Kellerman, South Africa
  • Dr Roslyn Rosen, USA
  • Mr Vassil Panev, Bulgaria
  • Mr Feliciano Sola Limia, Spain
  • Dr Knud Sondergaard, Denmark
  • Mr Eiichi Takada, Japan
  • Dr Lars-Åke Wikström, Sweden
* The amendments made by the General Assembly to the WFD Statutes deleted the membership category of Honorary Presidents and therefore the current statutes only mention Honorary Members. Thus the troika of past presidents will most likely remain the only Honorary Presidents of the WFD in the future.