Equality through sign language.
For 70 million deaf people worldwide.

Over the past 65 years, the World Federation of the Deaf has advocated for the human rights of deaf people everywhere, because deaf people succeed when they use sign language.

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Our Cornerstones

Human Rights of deaf people, our work is guided by human rights tools such as the CRPD and the 2030 Agenda that aligns closely with our Philosophy and the WFD 2016-2019 Action Plan.

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Human Rights of the Deaf

We are committed to achieving human rights for more than 70 million deaf people around the world. What does human rights mean to deaf people? Learn more about human rights here.

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Empowering Our Members

In over 133 countries, deaf people are engaging in local advocacy and having a global impact.

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International Advocacy

By representing deaf people’s interests on a global scale, we advocate for all people, everywhere.

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Ensuring Accessibility

A world that is more conscious of a deaf people’s needs is a world where deaf people contribute as equals.

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