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All over the world, deaf people are being denied their human rights. They’re being abused, ignored, silenced, and excluded.

A woman desperate for a baby, sterilised without her consent.
A vulnerable young man imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit.
A rape victim silenced in a courtroom by her attacker.
A child chained up — without friends, without school, without a voice. Without hope.

All because they have one thing in common.

They’re deaf.

That’s why we’re working hard to give deaf people a louder voice in their communities, in their governments, and in the UN.

But we can only do that with your help.

We need to raise funds urgently to ensure we do not lose our only expert human rights defender and the momentum we have built up so far. And we need the support of everyone in the Deaf Community to increase that team of human rights defenders, so we can fight for ALL deaf people, wherever they are in the world, until deaf people are no longer denied their human rights.

Together we can create a world where ALL deaf people can take their full place in society and fulfil their potential.

But, without your help, we could lose our expert human rights defender in just six months.

Please will you donate today, and help us do even more to advocate for a fairer, more equal society for deaf people? Your donation will help deaf people have a louder voice and a better future.