Hanna’s Story

*Disclaimer: While all stories are true, names and faces have been changed. We use images from stock photographs that are licensed for this campaign. Any person depicted is a model.

*Hanna was sterilised without her consent.
Just for being deaf.

Hanna was overjoyed at the birth of her first child. A loving and affectionate mother, she wanted her little girl to have everything she wished for.

But there was one thing Hanna couldn’t give her. A baby brother or sister.

At the birth of her daughter Hanna was sterilised — without her consent.

Hanna was abused, ignored, silenced and excluded just for being deaf.

Your donation today will make sure that, in the future, deaf women have equal rights and no longer suffer such injustices.

It took nine years of desperately trying for a second baby before Hanna discovered the horrifying truth. During Hanna’s labour, no professional sign language interpreter was present. She was unable to communicate her needs and wishes. This allowed her doctor to take this devastating and life-changing decision without consulting her.

Hanna’s story is all too common.

In Europe, Africa, Asia, America, and the Arab region, women in the Deaf Community are being sterilised without consent in a grave violation of their human rights. Globally, it’s women who are more likely to endure prejudice, violence and isolation because they are deaf.

Your donation to our Fighting Fund can make sure no more deaf women are denied their rights.

Deaf people all over the world are suffering terrible injustices. This is because society believes deaf people – and sign languages – are inferior and don’t deserve equal rights.

Your donation will change this. You can make sure no more women like Hanna will be abused, ignored, excluded and silenced for being deaf.