WFD Newsletter Submission Requirements

The WFD Newsletter is a regular e-newsletter providing information on deaf issues that align with the mission and vision of the WFD. We welcome submissions for the WFD newsletters on a regular basis. The WFD reserves the reasonable right to accept or not publish submitted articles. Read the WFD Newsletter Submission requirements before sending your submission to



  • Include the author’s name, affiliation and country
  • Limit the article to one page including title, short introduction, main text body, and conclusion
  • For scientific articles, include accurate references for all data and information used. Sources should be cited in the article.

Writing formats:

  • The working language of the newsletter is English
  • Articles must be submitted as an email attachment in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx).


  • It is highly encouraged to submit photo(s) to accompany the article.
  • Photo(s) should be submitted in high resolution JPEG, PNG, or GIF by email together with the submitted article
  • All photos should be given proper accreditation. Indicate the photographer’s name, affiliation and country.
  • Include brief captions and/or descriptions of photos
  • All photos should strive to be relevant to the content of the article, and decently attired
  • Ensure that you have received consent for the submitted photos.

Acknowledgement and acceptance of submissions:

  • The WFD will acknowledge all submissions but will further contact the author only if an article is chosen for publication.
  • The WFD reserves the reasonable right to accept or not publish submitted articles.
  • The WFD reserves the right to edit articles that has been accepted for publication.
  • Whenever possible, the author will be contacted to provide an International Sign translation of the accepted article. Accepted articles with no International Sign translation will also be published.