WFD Congress/Conference bids

WFD Congress/Conference bids

The World Federation of the Deaf has two major events on a rotating four year timetable.  Our WFD Congresses and Conferences.  

Our next Congress will be held in 2023 in Jeju, South Korea.  We are now open for bids for the 2027 Congress.  We are also open for bids for the 2025 Conference. 

The WFD Secretariat has sent bid documents to WFD Ordinary Members.  They may bid for the 5th WFD Conference in 2025 and the XX WFD Congress in 2027. WFD Associate Members may bid for the Conference. Each bid has its own guidelines that must be followed.  

The WFD encourages our member associations to consider hosting the WFD conference in 2025 or the WFD Congress in 2027.

If your association needs to know more about the bids, please contact the WFD Secretariat for the guidelines.

It is important to follow the deadline for submitting the bids. The deadlines are published below. 

Hosting a WFD Conference or WFD Congress is a major activity for a deaf association, and a way to show your support for the human rights of deaf people on a global basis. The WFD welcomes your bid!

The WFD Ordinary Member seeking to host the XX World Congress of the WFD in 2027 must submit their bid proposal to the WFD Secretariat no later than 23.59 Helsinki time on 2 January 2023. For more information, please contact us at