Deaf Flag

The WFD is pleased to announce that its 20th General Assembly has approved the deaf flag. The Deaf flag is a powerful symbol for deaf communities around the world. The deaf flag consists of several colors.

Turquoise Blue represents the deaf community and Sign Language, pride and unity.

Yellow represents the color of light, an enlightened spirit, life and "thriving in unison".

Dark Blue represents the earth, humanity and living in accordance with the planet. It is also the color of the WFD, our logo is blue, we wear blue ribbons in support of deaf people, and deaf cultures all over the world recognize blue as representing deaf people. On the International Day of Sign Languages we even celebrate by shining a blue light! Blue is deeply connected to the roots of the deaf community.

All of these colors together represent an awareness of humanity as inherently diverse, a diversity of peoples and languages on Earth. This flag shows that we are here, we belong to this world, we are a part of humanity. Deaf people are a part of a rich diversity that makes humanity better.

Spread awareness with the flag. Fly this flag with pride and passion, with the hope of a world, where deaf people everywhere can sign anywhere.


The Deaf Flag was designed by Arnaud Balard, a French deafblind artist.

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Flag Size Rate
Waving Deaf Flag
300mm x 200mm
5 €
900mm x 600mm 20 €
1200mm x 900mm 30 €
1800mm x 1200mm 50 €
2400mm x 1200mm 60 €

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