Special Birthday Wishes for WFD Honorary President Dr Yerker J. Andersson

The WFD Board extends its congratulations to Dr Yerker J. Andersson on his 85th birthday, a reason for celebration!  He is originally from Sweden and has lived in the USA for many years.

Dr Andersson is a well-known and highly regarded international leader who served as the third President of the WFD. He also knew and was in contact with Mr Dragolub Vukotić from Yugoslavia who served as the second President of the WFD.

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Dr Andersson was elected to the WFD Board in 1975 and served for 20 years (1975 to 1995), including eight (8) years as WFD Vice President and 12 years as WFD President.  During his presidency, he was the first person to address the United Nations (UN) General Assembly in International Sign. He also served as WFD consultant and representative at many UN meetings related to human rights for deaf people and people with disabilities.

During his time with the WFD Board, he travelled through the world, meeting with government officials, international dignitaries, and leaders of national deaf associations. In 1983, Dr Andersson received honorary WFD membership and in 2011, he was named honorary WFD president.

Special recognition is due to Dr Andersson for his many years of dedication and valuable guidance to WFD in advancing the human rights of deaf people worldwide. His devotion to the WFD and its goals sets him apart as truly unique individual who has countless admirers across the globe.

Again, the WFD Board extends its warmest wishes to Dr Yerker J. Andersson on his 85th birthday, with many more to come!