Article 29 | Regional Secretariats

29.1. In response to the request by at least five (5) Ordinary Members in good standing in geographical region, the Board may establish a Regional Secretariat. Such Ordinary Members are expected to:

1. establish Internal Rules and

2. take over the responsibility for financial and moral support for the activities of their Regional Secretariat


29.2. An official name for the Regional Secretariat is subject to Board approval. The administrator of a Regional Secretariat shall be called the Regional Director.

29.3. The aims and activities of each Regional Secretariat must comply with those outlined in Article 8 of the Statutes of the WFD.

29.4. All Regional Secretariats shall cooperate with and report to the WFD Secretariat. In case of mismanagement, the Board may request the Ordinary Members of the Regional Secretariat to appoint a new person as Regional Director.

29.5. An Ordinary Member cannot be a member of more than one Regional Secretariat.

29.6. Representatives of Regional Secretariats have the right to participate in Board meetings but do not have voting rights.