Announcement: WFD Board nominations for the term of 2019-2023

The Board will be elected at the XX WFD General Assembly by Ordinary Members. The WFD Nomination and Election Panel has reviewed nominations and shared the following list of eligible nominations (in alphabetical order) to be considered at the XX WFD General Assembly.

For the position of WFD President there are three candidates:
Italy: Humberto Insolera
South Africa: Bruno Druchen
United States of America: Joseph Murray

Candidate for the position of WFD Vice-President:
Denmark: Kasper Bergmann

Candidates for the position of WFD Board member:
Albania: Florjan Rojba
Canada: Frank Folino
Denmark: Kasper Bergmann
Germany: Steffan Helbing
Iceland: Hjordis Anna Haraldsdottir
Lebanon: Hussein Ismail
Nepal: Kedar Prasadf Adhikari
New Zealand: Victoria Manning
Russia: Stanislav Ivanov
Somalia: Abubakar Ali
South Africa: Bruno Druchen
Thailand: Withayoot Bunnag
Venezuela: Juan Angel de Gouveia Fernandez