112th WFD Board Meeting

From Fukuoka to Kyoto, Tokyo and Sapporo!

112th WFD Board Meeting

112th WFD Board Meeting
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WFD Board Members

Hosted by the Japanese Federation of the Deaf (JFD), the WFD Board Members convened in Fukuoka, Japan for its 112th WFD Board Meeting from 30 May to 2 June 2017. Recently elected Board Member from Sudan, Mr Berima Aboras, was also present. Additionally, WFDYS President Ms Cecilia Hanhikoski was in attendance too.

Many important topics were discussed and shared during the board meeting including the following:

  • Discussion on WFD finances and fundraising
  • Perspectives on the Deaf Community as a cultural and linguistic community
  • Updates from the Organising Committee of the 3rd International Conference of the WFD and the XVIII World Congress of the WFD through skype meetings.
  • Work of the JFD and the Regional Directors from the WFD Regional Secretariats in Asia and Arab Regions.

The 112th WFD Board Meeting ended on a sweet note with closing address by the JFD, greetings by respective Presidents of our country members from Hong Kong, South Korea, and Macau. WFD President Colin Allen and Board Member Kaisa Alanne also delivered presentation on Sign Language Legislation to over 750 deaf participants.

We had the chance to meet with the Fukuoka Prefecture Governor Hiroshi Ogawa and Fukuoka Deputy Mayor Yasuko Arase, in which we expressed our thanks for hosting the 112th Board Meeting, 65th JFD National Congress, and the 70th Anniversary of the JFD. WFD commended the Fukuoka Prefecture Governor and City Mayor for maintaining a good collaboration with the deaf associations in Fukuoka and reminded the important role they play in fulfilling their obligation towards the articles of the UN CRPD in which Japan has ratified in 2013.

65th JFD National Congress and 70th Anniversary of the JFD and side events in Fukuoka

68th National Congress of the JFD

68th National Congress of the JFD
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WFDYS President Cecilia Hanhikoski delivering presentation on youth

The 112th WFD Board Meeting was held in conjunction with the 65th JFD National Congress and 70th Anniversary of the JFD, of which both events were graced by His Imperial Highness Prince Akishino and Her Imperial Highness Princess Akishino. In total, there were around 7,000 participants to both of these events.

At the 65th National Congress of the JFD in Fukuoka, the WFD Board Members delivered lectures on the following topics:

  • Information Access, Kasper Bergmann (WFD Board Member)
  • Sign Language, Kaisa Alanne and Florjan Rojba (WFD Board Members)
  • Human Rights, Jigjid Dulamsuren and Joseph Murray (WFD Board Members)


  • Youth, Cecilia Hanhikoski (WFDYS President)

Fundraising was also organised at this event and we are pleased to raise around €2000. We are indebted to the Japanese Deaf Community for their sincere support to the WFD.

 Lectures and governmental Meetings in Kyoto, Sapporo, and Tokyo 

Workshop in Kyoto

Workshop in Kyoto
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Workshop in Kyoto

To extend the impact onto the wider Japanese Deaf Community, the JFD had organised three teams of the WFD Board Members to travel to Kyoto, Sapporo and Tokyo respectively to deliver lectures.

We also had the opportunity to meet with the following governmental bodies. Throughout our interactions, the WFD was consistent in urging the authorities to continue their support towards the JFD’s campaign to recognise Japanese sign language in the legislation as well as the local Deaf Community.

Government Meetings in Kyoto

Government Meetings in Kyoto
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With Ms Keiko Murakami, Deputy Mayor of Kyoto (center)

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