Get Involved / Take Action

Our work would not be possible without your support. Here’s how you can help:

Take Action 


Pick a platform to use, decide on the target amount and delivery time, and reach out to people.

Birthday Pledges

Share your pledge (on social media) with your friends and ask that, in lieu of gifts, they donate instead to the WFD.

Give-it-up or match the Euro

Encourage your peers to give up or match the euro of their cost spending.

Donation Gift

Coming from a small organisation, every penny counts, thus any amount you can raise is vital to our work.


  • Include fundraising for the WFD as part of your local events.
  • Hold a community event (picnic, gathering, craft stall, sports day) and invite your community to attend.

Share your Knowledge

  • Make a YouTube video about human rights of deaf people, share it through social media- (caption it for people who don’t know sign language)
  • Offer community classes in sign language
  • Print some t-shirts with positive messages about deaf culture and wear them!
  • Download the IWD campaign materials

Become an Advocate

  • Write a letter to your local paper about an issue important to you
  • Offer to do an interview with a journalist for a feature story in the paper or local TV
  • Offer to meet with your local parliamentarian and talk about deaf issues with them
  • Offer to run a workshop on deaf culture e.g. for your local council or planning authority
  • Organise a rally or street march (make sure you get permission if this is needed!)