COSP 2020 Side Event

This year, the WFD organizes and moderates a discussion with a focus on the theme of “Sign Language Recognition to Realise the Human Rights of Deaf People”. The Nippon Foundation and the International Disability Alliance collaborate and supporte the World Federation of the Deaf with this Side Event.

Friday 4th December 2020 3:00pm - 4:15pm EST

'The Recognition of National Sign Languages in the Achievement of Deaf People's Human Rights'


Dr Joseph Murray - The WFD President


Mr Ichiro Kabasawa - The Nippon Foundation Executive Director


Mrs Priscilla Gaspar de Oliveira - The National Secretary for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Brazil


Mrs Ruth Dyson - The former New-Zealand Minister for Disability Issues

The flyer

This is also an opportunity to invite your government leaders to attend the event. WFD encourages you to send them this flyer.



  • International Sign
  • Spoken English
  • English Captions