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We believe in the importance of cooperation with international organisations and other partners to foster work with the Deaf Community around the world.

Official cooperation agreements can be found in Resources.



EUD is a not-for-profit non-Governmental organisation whose members comprises of national associations of the deaf across Europe. EUD’s vision is that deaf people all over Europe have equality in both public and private aspects of life. The  EUD is also a regional co-operating member of the WFD. Sharing  common values on the rights of deaf people, the WFD and EUD established an official cooperation to streamline  framework, services and resources.



ICSD is the main governing body responsible for the organisation of Deaflympics and other World Deaf Championships. The focus of the cooperation between the WFD and the ICSD is to encourage collaborative agreements and activities between National Associations of the Deaf and National Deaf Sports Associations, as well as promote human rights for the deaf and recognition of national sign languages.



IDE bridges language, communication and relationship gaps between persons who are with difficulty in hearing and offer emergency services in areas not limited to (i) pre- disaster prepardness and mitigation, (ii) rescue and relief in the context of disaster and (iii) post disaster rehabilitation, reconstruction and recovery. IDE is also an International Deaf Emergency Community Partner and the WFD provides and facilitates the channels of contacts between the WFD Ordinary Members throughout the world, and is committed to actively engaging  in community referrals in case of emergencies caused by natural disasters.



IDA promotes the rights of persons with disabilities across the United Nations´ efforts to advance human rights and sustainable development. IDA  is an alliance of networks, comprised of eight global and five regional organisations of persons with disabilities, which represent persons with disabilities and their families from all over the world. The WFD is one of the global members of IDA and cooperates closely with them by promoting human rights for the deaf people. WFD´s President Colin Allen is also the Chair of IDA for 2016-2018. The WFD representative on the IDA Board is Dr Terry Riley, OBE.


IFHOH is an international non-governmental organisation of national associations of and for hard of hearing and late deafened people. IFHOH provides a platform for co-operation and information exchange among its members and interested parties. As an umbrella organisation and through its individual organisations, IFHOH works to promote greater understanding of hearing loss issues and to improve access for hard of hearing people worldwide. Established in 1977 as a registered non-profit organisation.



SLLS has as its main aim the promotion of sign language research on an international scale and the maintenance of high scientific and ethical standards of such research. WFD and SLLS work together towards providing support to train sign language researchers wherever they work around the world.



WASLI advances the profession of sign language interpreting worldwide. WFD and WASLI work in close partnership for the future benefit of deaf people and people who use sign language and the sign language interpreting profession.

The WFD-WASLI International Sign Interpreter Accreditation is a joint initiative of the WFD and WASLI that exists to meet the increasing demand of International Sign Interpretation in the international arena. It aims to fulfil the following:

  • Set, maintain and promote standards in International Sign Interpretation
  • Promote a quality-assurance system for credentialing practitioners
  • Maintain a register of WFD-WASLI Accredited International Sign Interpreters

The call for application is open once a year in September.