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  • The WFD Income in 2015 was € 258.347,75
  • WFD´s finances especially rely on income gained through membership fees (associations and individuals), project grants and Finnish government’s subsidy. These three income pillars in 2015 counted for 81% of the total income.


  • In 2015 the WFD used € 242.011,14 to fund its activities. It made a surplus of € 16.336,61. This provides reserves upon which the WFD can draw in the future if necessary.
  • Staff members’ (4) salaries account for the greatest item on budgetary expenditure. The continuation of the HRO project (HRO 3) has made possible to hire a human rights officer as part of the staff, focusing on capacity building of deaf associations as well as advocacy work within the international human rights system.


Activities in 2015 include: international advocacy work, advisory work and support to national deaf associations and WFD Regional Secretariats, capacity building training workshops in Serbia, Colombia and Dominican Republic, research and creation of new advocacy tools accessible to deaf sign language users, event organisation, fundraising

Monitoring and Reporting

  • World Federation of the Deaf Youth Section (WFDYS) finances are part of the WFD finances. Consequently their reporting is included in the WFD annual financial statement.
  • The WFD administration and finances are managed in accordance with the Finnish law, especially the Finnish Association’s Act, Finnish accounting law and Finnish Auditing Act, as well as the WFD Statutes and Internal Rules. Besides, the stipulations of this guideline named “WFD Internal Financial Regulations” are followed.
  • All incoming grants are subject to reporting as per the instructions of the funder.
  • All funds collected via an open appeal to the general public and falling under the WFD money collection licence scope are reported to the Finnish police authorities as per their reporting instructions.
  • Nexia Oy is the auditor company used by the WFD

Financial Statements and Auditors Report 2015