Article 12 | Associate Members (AMs)

12.1. Any national or regional organisation which does not meet the criteria to become an Ordinary Member, or cannot become an Ordinary Member because there is already exist one in their country, may apply for Associate Membership.

12.2. Associate Members (AMs) are expected to support the aims of WFD and an application must be supported by their Ordinary Member if their country has an Ordinary Member.

12.3. The WFD Board approves Associate Membership.

12.4. Associate Membership status remains until the member resigns or is expelled by the Board.

12.5. The Associate Members are responsible for payment of membership fees as determined by the Board.

12.6. The Associate Members, upon payment of their annual membership fees, are entitled to observer status and participatory rights at the General Assembly of WFD. The Associate Members do not have voting rights at the General Assembly of WFD.