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From time to time WFD has openings for interns and vacancies for staff positions. These will be posted here, on social media and in communications to our members.

While interning at World Federation of the Deaf, in Helsinki, Finland, I learned some of the most valuable assets. With these assets in my skill set, I was able to secure a wonderful and enriching career at Communication Service for the Deaf. That experience with the WFD, I learned a wide array of skills—human rights, admin/secretarial work, and crowdfunding/fundraising. Human rights—I learned about the UN CRPD and how that document advocates for deaf persons all over the world. The admin/secretarial work prepared me in such that excelled in learning about data input and ensuring that information handled with the best of care. Crowdfunding/fundraising, I learned that this is very crucial in building a successful organization and letting people all over the world know that World Federation of the Deaf is here to support them. I got to apply the expertise learned in real time at the World Congress in Istanbul, Turkey. Learning and applying what I learned from WFD was so very beneficial to me and my future.Claire Labry
World Federation for the Deaf Intern
I highly enjoyed and I am also thankful for the opportunity. In addition to this it was a great learning experience for me with project management and communications.Noora Saukkonen
World Federation for the Deaf Intern