WFD Honorary President Dr Markku Jokinen elected as the EUD President | 2013 – 2017


We are here at the European Union of the Deaf (EUD) General Assembly.

EUD is one of the eight (8) WFD’s Regional Secretariat members. The EUD General Assembly took place in Dublin, Ireland.

During the General Assembly an election was held to elect a new EUD Board for a four-year term. A new president of the EUD was also elected, Dr Markku Jokinen.

The WFD Board and 133 WFD Ordinary Members wish to congratulate Dr Jokinen on being elected as president of the EUD.

Markku: Thank you!

Colin: How do you feel now that you are a part of the EUD?

Markku:  I feel that the delegates that have been elected to the board are a well, balanced geographical representation of the European Union with members from across Europe. However one thing I would like to see is, more women on the board. The board are very knowledgeable and this will enable us to work effectively in the future alongside other organisations such as the WFD and the UN. Which is a brilliant position to be in.

Colin:  You have been newly elected as the EUD president and myself as the WFD president, how can we work together?

Markku: The EUD and WFD have signed a new co-operation agreement. This puts us in a good position for the future, to work alongside each other in collaboration.

Colin:  The WFD is pleased to be working in co-operation with the EUD; representing all deaf people across Europe.

Colin & Markku: Thank you.