Update News from WASLI and WFD Presidents


WASLI and WFD Presidents, Debra Russell and Colin Allen, give a video summary of the cooperation work between the two international organisations. Both were attending the national conference of sign language interpreters hosted by the Association of Visual Language Interpreters of Canada (AVLIC) in Winnipeg, Canada.

At the AVLIC Conference, WFD President Allen gave a keynote presentation to address a number of the key points that the Deaf Community and sign language interpreters can cooperate and work together. Clear evidence of the successful partnership between WFD and WASLI after they signed their Memorandum of Understanding in 2006 is seen in their work together on:-

  • Guidelines on communication during natural disasters and other mass emergencies for deaf people who use signed language.
  • International Joint Press Release – Fake Sign Language Interpreter at the Nelson Mandela State Funeral in South Africa.
  • Guidelines on securing and utilising the services of Sign Language Interpreters for the United Nations.
  • Guidelines on International Sign and Process for Hiring.
  • Guidelines on International Sign Fee Guidelines for the United Nations and International Deaf Conference.

WASLI and WFD welcome all of you to join us at the WASLI Conference and WFD Congress in Istanbul, Turkey, in July, 2015. Having you attend both events, whether you are a deaf person or a sign language interpreter, will strengthen our alliance.

More information about the events:-

WASLI Conference

WFD Congress