Day Three – UN Conference of State Parties

Braam Jordaan, WFD Youth Section (WFDYS) Board Member with the WFD delegation team at the 6th Conference of State Parties (COSP) gives a video summary of the third day of the COSP meeting and side events.

On the third day of the COSP the focus of the meetings were disability and inclusive development in national, regional and international processes. Also included was a panel discussion on community-based rehabilitation and habilitation for inclusive society.

The meeting discussed inclusive education in schools and universities as well as high level meetings as within the United Nations. The various services that offered people with disabilities access to the COSP events has established an inclusive model that all representatives the room can bring back home with them. The WFD’s participation in COSP events due to the presence of International Sign interpreters and captions established the model for deaf and hard of hearing.

Although representing Disabled People’s Organiations (DPOs) and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) in the COSP meetings may not participate in the discussion, DPOs and NGOs may lobby or remind government representatives at the meetings about their issues, concerns and rights that may be discussed at meetings or panel discussions.

Also there are side events in the other conference rooms apart from the COSP meeting where many respresenting DPOs and NGOs can promote their organisations and hold discussion among each other.