2018 WFD Year-End Message

Dear friends,

WFD has had a very successful 2018 with members’ support resulting in many achievements for the global Deaf Community:

Our work would not have been possible without our members, partners, volunteers, supporters, viewers and followers including YOU. WFD is ready to continue advocating for YOUR HUMAN RIGHTS in 2019:

We are very keen to achieve more in 2019 – continuing the fight to maintain our language, identity, culture and human rights.

I therefore urge you to join in the fight with the WFD by making a financial gift via an online donation https://wfdeaf.org/donate/ (one-off donation or monthly/quarterly donation during 2019) so that we can continue our HUMAN RIGHTS work.

On behalf of the WFD Board and Secretariat, once again, thank you to everyone who supported WFD in 2018 and we hope we can count on your support in the coming year.

Colin Allen AM
World Federation of the Deaf