Get involved / WFD Events / Representations and Trainings

The WFD promotes awareness of human rights and sign language by hosting a variety of events around the globe. We also encourage our members to host and attend community events.


In addition to organising events, the WFD Board members, Staff or Experts are asked to represent the WFD in various occasions around the globe. These events include national and regional meetings, workshops, seminars and conferences usually organised by WFD member associations, international representations at the UN as well as celebrations organised by WFD international partners. Often, in national events the WFD representatives are asked to present a paper, meet with national authorities and hold community workshops. Through these visits the WFD reaches out to thousands of deaf people every year, raising their awareness and contributing to a change.

Topics of the workshops vary from human rights work to lobbying in your country. Some of the topics have been:

  • What is World Federation of the Deaf?
  • Equality for Deaf People
  • Sign Language work
    Deaf Community and Sign Language
  • Interpreter Community

Invite WFD Representative to your country to give presentations or lead workshops. Contact for more information.