Key actors in reporting


A State that ratifies the Convention agrees to promote and ensure the obligations and legally binding duties that are clarified by the Convention to guarantee the equal enjoyment of all human rights by all persons with disabilities. States must never discriminate on any grounds, including disability, must ensure a minimum level of economic, social and cultural rights immediately, and must make progressive steps towards the realization of the economic, social and cultural rights outlined in the CRPD. States have obligation to report to the CRPD Committee on measures taken to implement the Convention.

CRPD Committee

The CRPD establishes a Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. It is currently composed of 18 independent experts. The Committee’s main function is to review periodic reports submitted by States Parties. It also receives and examines individual communications against State Parties to the Optional Protocol to the CRPD. The Committee meets two times a year in Geneva, Switzerland for a period of one week each session.

Civil Society

The CRPD requires that civil society be fully involved in the monitoring process and allows the Committee to invite organisations to provide expert advice on the implementation of the CRPD. DPOs – for example deaf association – should consider preparing parallel reports on the implementation of the CRPD in their country. International, regional or national DPO’s are welcome to submit parallel report in order to supplement to State Party report in consideration of the CRPD Committee.