World Deaf Leadership Scholarship Announcement 2013

Hi. Do you want to get a degree from Gallaudet University? Do you want to help deaf people all over the world? The Nippon Foundation in Tokyo, Japan has established a scholarship fund at Gallaudet University. Who is that scholarship for? It’s for people like you! You can come to study here at Gallaudet University! The scholarship pays for room & board and tuition. All funds awarded to the scholarship recipients will cover all necessary expenses. If you want to get the scholarship you must fill out an application. In the application it is important to include your ideas for a project aimed towards helping deaf people in your home country. Once you have gathered all the required materials for the application, you must put them altogether and send them to Gallaudet University. At Gallaudet University a committee of faculty and administrators will review your applications and select the next World Deaf leadership Scholar to come study, learn and discuss how to achieve your project goals. As you study you will have a mentor who will be an experienced WDL scholar just like you. Your mentor will work together with you every step of the way. You will also have the opportunity to engage in 2 internship opportunities in your home country as well! When you graduate from Gallaudet with your diploma, you must return home and begin working to improve the lives of deaf people there through education, government activism and working with different people in their communities and their homes so that together, you can change lives.

Application form for the World Deaf Leadership Scholarship available here: View PDF