WFD and WASLI in Close Partnership

The last time WFD President Colin Allen and WASLI President Debra Russell met was in Panama in April 2012. In this video, both Presidents share information arising from the discussions held over the last few days at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

WASLI President, Debra Russell comments on her opportunity to observe IDA and CRPD related work, and how the CRPD produces changes in the lives of deaf people through the provision of sign language interpreters. She confirms that WFD and WASLI will continue to work in close partnership with one another.

The WFD President explains that the CRPD has produced an article relating to sign language interpreters and stresses the importance of spreading the word that they are a fundamental resource in achieving human rights. Speaking to this article, he states that there will be increased provision of sign language interpreters at the UN Headquarters in New York and the UN Offices in Geneva. Both WFD and WASLI have drafted a Terms of Reference document on sign language provision to help ensure that highly skilled sign language interpreters, with extensive knowledge of UN related work, are provided in the future.

The WASLI President reports on a meeting with UN representatives to discuss the importance of booking international sign language interpreters – both deaf and hearing – and how they can work at the UN. Both WASLI and WFD intend to provide updates on this issue. The WASLI President informs us that she will fly to Austria to attend the WASLI Board meeting with a view to discussing sign language interpreter provision at UN meetings and the WFD President confirms that he will stay in New York for three more days to attend other meetings.