Job opening at the WFD

The WFD is seeking a Project Officer for a two-year fixed term position, starting 1 March 2016. The WFD Project Officer will work as part of the WFD Secretariat, currently composed of four other salaried staff members, and the position reports directly to the WFD Team Leader and is supported by the WFD Human Rights Steering Committee.

Project in short:

The purpose of this project, titled ‘Human Rights in the Maghreb Region’, is to meet the pressing need of reducing inequality and overcoming causes of exclusion faced by the Deaf Communities in the said region. The project will target Deaf Communities in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Mauritania and Libya. The first goal aims to strengthen national associations of the deaf through a training program on organisational leadership. The second goal is to increase awareness of the society on deaf issues and human rights in aim to strengthen the human rights knowledge of the deaf participants, so that they are able to develop tools to effectively act and advance the human rights of the Deaf Community. The project is funded by the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Following experiences, skills and qualifications are required from a successful applicant: 


  1. Previous, at least 3 years of work experience in human rights, development, or closely-related field.
  2. Solid knowledge and experience in project management and coordination, including management of finances
  3. Experience in working with Deaf Communities in developing countries.


  • Ability to carry out tasks, make decisions independently and meet deadlines.
  • Facility to successfully liaise and network with colleagues, organisations of the deaf, national governments and various partners in a multicultural environment.
  • Excellent communication abilities including at least fluency in one national sign language, good International Sign skills, high level written English, and the ability to use a sign language interpreter in meetings. Knowledge of other written languages, such as Arabic or French, is an asset.
  • Strong understanding and proven experience of budgeting principles and financial management.
  • Knowledge of human rights questions, with special focus on deaf people and their needs.
  • Capability to assist the deaf community to build up stronger organisations.



To be considered for the position the candidate should have a background in development co-operation and human rights and preferably possess a Master’s Degree in Social Sciences, development co-operation, other relevant discipline or otherwise proven qualification for the position.

Main responsibilities:

The Project Officer is expected to:

  • Co-ordinate and carry out preparations of two training workshops a year, including support in logistics and practical arrangements;
  • Be responsible for the training program;
  • Identify suitable external experts as trainers;
  • Communicate and support the national associations of the deaf involved in the project regularly throughout the project cycle;
  • Assist the national deaf associations in organising local grass-roots seminars;
  • Prepare regular narrative and financial project reports to the WFD Human Rights Steering Committee, to the WFD Board and to the funder;
  • Write articles to the WFD media platforms;
  • Other tasks required by the WFD Team Leader.

The position requires traveling twice a year to the project target countries and commitment to work from time to time also on weekends.

Preference given to those able to relocate, at their own expense, in order to work from the WFD office in Helsinki, Finland. The position does not offer compensation related to relocation and establishment costs for a successful candidate who needs to relocate in order to assume the position.                            

To apply for this position, please submit your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a cover letter (maximum of one page).  Please ensure that your CV and cover letter clearly demonstrate how you meet the experiences, skills and qualification requirements of the role.  Please provide also three written letters of reference from professional contacts and a short statement in International Sign of your experience in project work (maximum of 2 minutes), downloaded to vimeo or youtube with the appropriate link.  All application materials shall be written in English. 

Salary expectations may be mentioned in the letter of application but the final salary is determined by the project budget. For further enquiries, or to apply, please email Ms Meri Hyrske-Fischer, Team Leader: info (at) by Wednesday, 23 December 2015 at 17.00 (Finnish time).

Shortlisted candidates’ interviews are expected to be carried out via Skype on 18-22 January 2016 and the successful applicant is anticipated to start on 1 March 2016.